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For a well-mannered dog that the whole family enjoys.

a good family dog...


Walks nice and easy with you

 Your dog won't bark at dogs or people, or drag you around.


Comes to you when you call 

You don't want to chase him/her around the house or anywhere else, and you won't need to!


Barks under control

He/she won't scare your visitors, give you headaches, or disturb your neighbors.


Doesn't steal your food

Your dog won't eat your dinner on the counter or snacks on the coffee table.


Sits to say "hi" instead of jumping

Your dog won't jump on guests, knocking down kids or elderly people, or mess up your clothes.


Doesn't destroy your house

Your dog won't destroy your couch, your favorite rug, the furniture, legs, and so on.


Allows you to groom them

Your dog won't bite or growl any time you try to comb them, cut their nails, clean their ears or give them unpleasant medicine. 


is potty trained

Your dog won't drop a little "gift" in the middle of your living room.

This is a stress free companion

I will help you:

Dog Portrait

Understand your dog

When I say understand your dog, I mean that I will access what is causing a particular behavior that is disturbing the family and teach you why your dog behaves like they do.

Puppy Play

Develop Good behavior

I will work with you and your dog to positively reinforce good behaviors and get bad ones out of the way, as well as helping to prevent future problems.

Puppy Having Lunch

Best for your family

I can come up with a customized plan to address the dog's behaviors that aligns with your family routine, necessities, and personality.


Puppy Training

Puppies are like a blank canvas. As soon as we start the results will be better. And my goal is to teach him/her to develop good manners and obedience.

Black Dog

Dog training

Get rid of bad behaviors and teach them good ones instead.

About Me

I've loved dogs since I was a little kid and that love has only grown stronger with time. My mom says that my fascination with these furry creatures started early, and it's turned into a true passion. I'm a total dog fanatic!n. I'm a total dog fanatic!


Love My Clients


What Pet Owners Say

"Dog Whisperer"

Annie is our first dog and we were so lost when we got her. So Cris came to our house to help us. She guided us and taught us everything about dogs and their behaviors. She also explained to us everything about Annie's personality. She's been training her and we can see the difference she's making. Cris is a dog whisperer and we're over the moon with her service. 

Gabriels Family and Annie 

"Great Service"

My family and I are thrilled with the results. Cristiane is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced trainer and explained things in a way that helped us understand our pup's behavior. Her skills helped our pup Angel learn good manners while showing her a lots of love. Angel mastered going into crate, obedience commands (stay, sit, down, etc) and going to the potty. Also, Cristiane patiently worked on training our family, including my children ( 8 and 10 yo), to maintain the same level of loving obedience always in a positive matter. Finally, she introduced us to agility class which was a hit among the children. I highly recommend her and will be doing further training with her.  

Briones Family and Angel

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